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Risk and Safety  Management

When faced with a risky situation or an emergency, please do not panic or you could make the situation worse.  Assess the situation and take the necessary action  according to any of  the emergency situations listed below:

» Accident

» Fire

» Demonstrations

» Trapped in the lift

To minimize slip and trip hazards which might cause accidents and injuries, UPM staff and students should be aware of safety and risk management.

For more information, check out Occupational Safety & Health Manual and  Disaster Management Plan Manual on the website of the Office of Occupational Safety & Health.

Hi! You’re on Candid Camera!!

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

The CCTV system is a UPM initiative to establish a safe and secure community in which to live and study. The deployment of 486 CCTV cameras at various strategic points within the campus ensures safety and security on a daily  basis for staff, students and property. The CCTV system is monitored from the Monitoring Control Centre.

If you would like to know more about UPM safety management, please click here for a link to the Office of Occupational Safety & Health.



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