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Ward facilities for animals in this hospital

The UPM Veterinary Hospital was established by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as a centre to provide veterinary  services through research, animal health care and disease diagnosis.

You can  rest easy when you send your pet to the UPM Veterinary Hospital because it is adequately equipped with the type of diagnostic and laboratory equipment found in a teaching hospital designed for the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Besides routine outpatient consultancy, the hospital also offers specialized services in veterinary medicine and surgery, imaging as well as laboratory diagnosis. The hospital has facilities to handle animals with severe or complicated diseases and those requiring intensive care. The hospital also provides an ambulatory clinic for large animals.

The hospital includes three clinics that provide different services - a Small Animal Practice Clinic for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and reptiles, a Large Animal Practice Clinic for cattle, sheep and goats, a Surgery Animal Practice Clinic that can provide surgery, radiology and ultrasonography services.


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>> Surgery Animal Practice Clinic

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