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UPM students should feel fortunate to have a campus that offers so many opportunities for relaxation in the midst of lush greenery, shady tree-lined avenues, orchards and lilly-filled lakes. Nothing could be more therepeutic than curling up on a bench under a casuarina pine, a book in hand or the day’s newspaper – to be pleasantly distracted now and then by a squirrel that scampers by and up a tree.

The entire campus community can carry out leisure and recreational activities enthusiastically without interference, without pollution.

The university has provided modern facilities for the benefit of its students. The construction of a 7km jogging track that runs through an orchard beside a would be difficult to resist for those keen to start a healthy lifestyle.

UPM is also rich in recreational locations that take us away from the stress and demands of work and study and Expo Hill or more popularly known as Bukit Expo, is one of the best of these. It offers leisure and recreational facilities for students to carry out activities including fishing, boating, sport, camping, fairs and carnivals as well as a chance to sight the occasional fox.

There is also horseback riding along a comfortable but challenging track at the Equestrian Park.  

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