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Distance Learning

Studying while working is no longer a foreign concept in our modern society and through the Distance Learning Programme (DLP), individuals have the opportunity to further their studies to postgraduate level, managed by UPM Education and Training Sdn Bhd (UPMET). This programme is created to assist the country to produce workers who are proactive, knowledgeable and highly competent.

UPMET offers five Master programmes: Master of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Master of Education (Educational Management) (MPPP), Master of Education (Teaching of Bahasa Melayu as a First Language) (MPPBMP), Master of Malay Language (MBM), and Master of Corporate Communication (MCCOMM).

This programme emphasizes self-learning. Thus, learning is flexible and easier for those who are working to further their studies. Several methods of learning support are provided to students such as downloadable learning modules from the UPMET website.

The students enrolled in this programme will attend classes conducted at allotted learning centres using the UPMET teleconferencing facility (LIP). This is a two-way communication system allowing lecturers and students to communicate interactively. Classes are held every week from Friday to Sunday, depending on class schedules. Lectures are also recorded to facilitate learning.

Admission of new students to the Distance Learning Master programme is done twice a year, in September for the first semester and March for the second semester.

Applications can be made online throughout the year. For information regarding tuition fees, admission requirements and academic curricula, kindly click here.

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