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Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts & Cultural Centre

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Arts and Cultural Centre (PKKSSAAS or Pusat Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah) is an excellent  centre for arts and cultural activities. Besides being an entity that handles matters related to arts and culture, it also provides facilities and infrastructure such as the Dewan Besar and Experimental Theatre as well as modern and traditional musical instruments and also cultural and arts clubs.

Main Hall

The Centre is fully responsible for the running of the Dewan Besar and is involved in the organizing and cordination of various events using this venue including the Convocation Ceremony, Academia Glory Putra Ceremony (Majlis Gemilang Akademia Putra or MGAP) Vice Chancellor’s Awards, UPM Labour Day, Hari Raya Celebration, PALAPES Delivery of Scrolls Ceremony, Royal Dinner, New Students Orientation, Final Exams, Cultural Activities and various other activities organized
throughout the year. The Dewan Besar is the venue for both students and staff of UPM  to display their talents in culture and the arts.

The Dewan Besar can accommodate 3,000 people and is adequately equipped  with the latest audio system, two screens and appropriate chairs and tables to acommodate the needs of various events.

There are various facilities at the Main Hall, namely audio visual facilities such as high powered P.A Systems with 40 microphones, Karaoke P.A. System with 12 microphones, LCD Projector and a 48-inch LCD TV.

As an entity that handles matters relating to culture and arts, the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Cultural and Arts Centre (PKKSSAAS) also provides musical and traditional musical instruments such as a band set, guitars and drums, karaoke set and kompang, ghazal, caklempong and others.


» Experimental Theatre

The Experimental Theatre is fully operated by the  PKKSSAAS. It is the venue for the performaing arts such as music, dance and theatre performances and also a suitable venue
for workshops on culture and the arts. Panggung Percubaan is also widely used as a space for the trial in producing quality performances.

The Experimantal Theatre can seat 500 people and is complemented by waiting rooms, a secretariat room, as well as an audio-visual control room and lighting system.

Other than formal ceremonies, the Main Hall and Experimental Theatre also accept bookings for various activities from government agencies, private companies, private colleges and students’ association activities and academic programme activities from all entities in UPM.












350. 00

500. 00


550. 00

700. 00


550. 00

700. 00






     A – Faculty/ Department/ Student Association (fund raising activity)
     B – Government Agencies/ Statutory Bodies/ and Volunteer Associations
     C – Government/ Private Business enterprises
     D – Responsibility Centres / UPM students’ associations

For private or external agencies, bookings must be done at least 5 hours. Basic audio equipment (2 microphones) and technicians are also provided. In addition, there is an additional charge of RM2,000 for the complete audio set  with 5 additional microphones, song selection and national anthems. Chairs, tables and additional facilities are also provided at fixed rates. The use of the hall and theatre will only be allowed after receipt of payments from the UPM Bursar is shown to the PKKSSAAS officer in charge.

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