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‘Ziarah Ihsan Ramadan @ WAZAN di Hati’: A Programme To Aid Destitute Students


By Mohd Noo Elmir Noorudin

SERDANG -This time around the ‘Ziarah Ihsan Ramadan @ WAZAN di Hati’ programme which was organised by the Centre for the Management of Wakaf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN) was grander than usual due to the presence of several new entities.

In the past, the programme which was previously known as ‘Ziarah Amal Ramadan’, only involved WAZAN’s personnel. However, this year, entities such as Corporate Strategy and Communications Strategy (CosComm), Bursar Office and Student Affairs Division were also invited.

Also present are some zakat contributors who were mostly UPM staff and members of the local community who were invited as guests to witness how the ‘Zakat’ funds were distributed by WAZAN to the destitute students.

This year about 100 needy students from UPM and other parts of the country were chosen as recipients of the aid which included 30 students from Kelantan, 14 students from Terengganu, 17 students from Perak, 11 students from Kedah, 7 students from Selangor, 7 students from Johor, 5 students from Sabah, 4 students from Kuala Lumpur, 3 students from Negeri Sembilan and 1 student each from Sarawak, Perlis and Melaka.

These students received RM1, 500 each for the ‘Hari Raya’ festivities and their basic necessities such as rice, sugar, flour and etc. which were generously donated by external agencies, UPM staff and the local community.

Generally, the destitute students were from hardcore poor and had many siblings. In some cases, they lived in shanty homes and had meagre salaries which meant that food and clothes were often scarce.

The ‘Ziarah Ihsan Ramadan @ Wazan Di Hati’ event has indeed made WAZAN’s role more prominent especially in the management and distribution of ‘zakat’ which was collected from UPM staff. Hopefully, the close interaction with these needy students will create more awareness amongst the public, about the plight of the poor and influence them to donate more generously to the upcoming ‘zakat’ collection. This is in line with WAZAN’s slogan, ‘From You to the Destitute’ which aims to use the zakat funds to help needy students live a comfortable life.

Finally, WAZAN would like to extend its sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the success of the programme-UPM









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