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YEEP UPM to Medan for inculcation of knowledge sharing spirit

By  Zaharah Anum


MEDAN (Indonesia) – A total of 20 members of the Students’ Council (MTM) of 16th College, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) 2017/2018 session visited Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU) here recently under the Youth Educational Exchange Programme (YEEP) with the purpose to inculcate the spirit of knowledge sharing related to the Malaysia-Indonesia socio-culture.

The 17-days program was organised by the 16th College of UPM 2017/2018 session.

The programme director, Siti Nurfarhana Norhaiza said that they interacted with their USU counterparts as well as directly learnt the cultural features of the Indonesian society especially the people of Medan.

“Although Malaysia and Indonesia are close regional neighbours, there are still numerous cultural values that we can share and understand together.

“This opportunity to be with the USU students as well as the people of Medan is very meaningful to us, and we hope that such opportunities to acquire knowledge on the international stage will continue to be opened and extended to us in the future,” she further explained.


One programme participant, who is a Bachelor of Communication student, Norliatika Elias said that they also visited and conducted activities together with the students of Sekolah Negeri 35 Medan as well as paid a visit to the Setia Budi Orphanage.

“We, the members of the Students’ Council, are very thankful to be able to spend time together with the orphans at the Setia Budi Orphanage in Medan,” she further elaborated.


Her friend, Syed Ahmad Faisal Sayed Muhammad, a Malay Language and Linguistics Bachelor student, in the meantime mentioned that YEEP had succeeded in enhancing the leadership qualities of each participant as all the activity planning was managed by the students themselves.


Among the activities conducted were ‘ice-breaking’ with PEMA, which is the students’ representative council of the university, as well as Malay Language Usage in the Modern Era Forum.


The Principal of Sekolah Negeri Medan 35, Juniti Siregar mentioned that the visit by YEEP participants to the school was the first from foreign university undergraduates. The school students were delighted to receive visits from foreign university students and were enthusiastic in conducting activities such as mural painting and traditional games together.


YEEP UPM also paid an honorary visit to the Consulate General of Malaysia in Medan, Indonesia, Armizal Fadzli. - UPM


Date of Input: 24/01/2018 | Updated: 24/01/2018 | syifarida


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