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Woman talented in home decoration gets degree

By Putri Nabila Zulfakar

SERDANG, Nov 19 – Having deep interest in home décor was obviously not a hindrance for Nur Diyana Zolkiffly, 25, to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Community Health at the 43rd Convocation Ceremony, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) today.
Diyana, a week-old bride, said that she and her husband Dr. Nizam Haris, are active in low budget decoration works despite having no basics and learning only from the web.
“My husband and I are a team… I pick the designs while my husband does heavy carpentry work.

“Although both of us studied health sciences, I saw that we had a potential in the field of decoration, especially knowing that our work is appreciated by people around us,” she said.   

They were among ECO DIY King winners, and a few of their decorations that were uploaded on social media gained popularity and became viral.

When asked about future plans, she wanted to start a career in her field of study but said that she would not turn down home decorating offers. She has already received several offers to decorate homestay accommodations.

Commenting on her interest that is not related to her field of study, Diyana said that she does not set any limits in doing what she wants.
“Just because we learned something, it does not mean focus should be given on that particular thing only. A person’s creativity is beyond what is learnt.  If there’s interest, it’s not wrong to make way to pursue dreams,” she said. Diyana was also involved in the field of modeling while she was pursuing her diploma at University of Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). - UPM

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