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Water safety knowledge in preventing drowning accidents

By Auliyaa Putri Ulfana





SERDANG, 28 Sept – The knowledge of water safety must be widely spread especially due to a significant rise of drowning cases in Malaysia recently.

The public must understand that water safety is not merely about having the ability to swim and that it can be learned anywhere, even for someone who does not know how to swim.

For these reasons, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tengku Fadilah Tengku Kamalden, from the Department of Sport Studies, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) created the Certified Online Course (COC) Water Safety.  

This bilingual online water safety course is convenient as participants can learn all about water safety without stepping a foot into a swimming pool, making the course accessible from any locations and at any time preferred by the participants themselves.   

The innovation created by the Certified Online Course (COC) Water Safety is also the world's first interactive online water safety course module utilising the 'social learning' approach that allows for direct interactions between students and the experts or facilitators.




The project which began in July 2016 and completed in August 2017, has two copyrights and trademarks and its four modules comprise the following four titles: water safety, security near water, water safety rights and let’s be skillful.

“Hopefully, with this online course, everyone can be safe near and inside water from now on.”

“Other than that, I would like to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of learning about water safety because most of us do not realise that water can be a dangerous place for human beings, be it at a swimming pool, a river or a lake,” she added during the press conference.

The main targets of this online course are students, educators, parents and child caretakers.

Once this innovation is marketed, it will be applied in a number of industries ministries? such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism (hotels, water sport businesses and chalet operators) as well as the Ministry of Housing and Local Governance (swimming pools, lakes and recreational parks).

To enrol in this online course, participants simply need to access and submit their applications at keselamatanair.com.my and pay an RM80 fee. Upon the completion of the course, they will receive a certificate from UPM and OpenLearning which is verified by Persatuan Penyelamat Kelemasan Malaysia (Life Saving Society Malaysia).


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