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UVH UPM performs Caesarean section, plasma transfusions on horse

By: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurul Hayah Khairuddin

SERDANG, June 11 – The Department of Farm and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery (JPPHLE), University Veterinary Hospital (UVH), UPM, has received a case of a pregnant horse referred from Terengganu. It was suffered from colic and suspected of showing signs of foaling for the past six days. 

The mare arrived at UVH on June 11, and the examination through rectal palpation and birth canal revealed that the unborn foal was in perfect condition. However, the cervical opening did not occur, and there were signs of colic due to blockage in the colon. 

The discussion outcome with large animal and horse surgery consultant, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurul Hayah Khairuddin, and animal reproduction expert, Dr. Mark Hiew Wen Han, along with other veterinary officers at JPPHLE led to an exploratory laparotomy surgery on the mare to resolve the colic problem. Subsequently, a Caesarean section was performed to save the foal in the womb.

The surgery involved three teams, namely the anaesthesia team (led by Dr. Noorashimah Roslim and assisted by Dr. Wan Sukri and Dr. Benedict Ong), the surgical team (led by Dr. Nurul Hayah and Dr. Syahirah) and the foal resuscitation team (led by Dr. Mark Hiew and assisted by Dr. Wan Sukri and Dr. Luqman Samad).

Once the foal was rescued through surgery, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the foal was successfully performed. However, the mare could not be saved.

Various efforts were taken to ensure the foal was in good care. Among the treatments provided were 24-hour intensive care for six consecutive days.

In addition, plasma transfusions were carried out for the first time to boost the foal’s immune system to ensure passive immunity is received from the plasma taken from other horses who served as blood donors for the foal.

After two plasma transfusions, the foal finally showed positive developments and was able to stand on its own.

This was an achievement for JPPHLE, UVH, UPM because it was the first-ever Caesarean operation and plasma transfusions from a blood donor performed on a horse at UVH.

One of the biggest challenges throughout the care for the foal was to ensure that passive immunity is increased through plasma therapy so that the foal is immune to bacterial infections. - UPM

Date of Input: 12/08/2021 | Updated: 01/12/2021 | hairul_nizam


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