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User-friendly, time-saving Frenzy Board for fast and easy installation

By Azman Zakaria
Photo by Noor Azreen Awang

SERDANG,  12 Jan - The difficulty in fixing a display board for exhibition and the probability of exposure to the risk of injury during its installation, has led to the creation of an innovative Frenzy Board which is easy to carry and keep. Not only this innovation saves installation time, it also reduces the use of manual labour, costing and minimises the risk of injury. Following high demand for display boards but where the process of installation can be tough, unstable and risky, a group of nine staff of the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), who named themselves, Eco-Euphoria, has succeeded to create Frenzy Board that features prominent user-friendly characteristics. Frenzy Board emerged runner up under the Innovative Services category at UPM’s 2015 Quality and Service Innovation Day. Previously, the Eco-Euphoria team created an innovative Smart Shoe Rack and an Eco-Waste System.

Registrar, Shahriman Hashim who is also the facilitator of Eco-Euphoria, said the team formed in August 2013 to get itself involved in innovative projects, had identified some problems faced during the installation of display boards before it came up with Frenzy Board. He said Frenzy Board came complete with four elements - compact, mobile, adjustable for all formats of exhibitions and adaptable for use in all forms of poster materials. “Its structure is compact and there is no fixing of separate components required during the installation. It is light and mobile, taking the form of a briefcase with wheels, does not need big space for storage, easy to handle and suitable for use in logistics facilities,” he said in an interview. He added that the structure could be adjusted, depending on exhibitors’ needs while its “flip” characteristics enabled it to display up to six pieces of posters using material magnet paper.

“It takes less than three minutes to fix it and the work can be done by just one person as compared to 20 minutes and two workers required to install a display board at this present time. “It is easy to be carried anywhere because it is light, that is about 3.7 kg for a A3-sized poster and 10 kg for A1-sized poster against 26.6 kg for a set of display board,” he said, adding that the innovation would be patented. Eco-Euphoria Team Leader, Salmina Sulaiman, meanwhile, said Frenzy Board could be fixed even by women as the installation is easy. “The significance and effectiveness of Frenzy Board is that it is time-saving, reduces the use of manual workers and costing as well as able to minimise safety risks at workplace,” she added. She also said the magnetic layers on Frenzy Board enabled the posters to be pasted using magnets, hence, avoiding damage to the posters when pins or thumb nails were used. Other team members comprised Mohamad Nazry Hisham, Normaziah Zulkifli, Farah Zeehan Mohd Nazri, Sharifah Hussin, Rahman Basman, Amir Nordin Abu Bakar and Harnita Abd Wahab. - UPM

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