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UPM’s MyBrain Challenge accentuates students’ excellence

By: Sim Ciar Yee


SERDANG – The Academic Secretariat of the Student Council of the Fifteenth College, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised the MyBrain Challenge programme to accentuate the IQ and EQ excellence of UPM students. It is the first ever for such a programme to be held.

The director of the programme, Chu Pei Hsia, said the programme aimed to develop the passion for knowledge among UPM students and to produce students who excel academically apart from highlighting students’ leadership skills.

“This programme trains students to think critically and creatively in solving problems and encourage the application of knowledge in daily life,” she said.

The programme with a theme “Akademik Pencetus Keunggulan Mahasiswa” (Academic Sparks Students’ Greatness) was officiated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) UPM, Prof. Dr. Mohd. Roslan Sulaiman. Also present were UPM Chairman of Principals, Prof. Dr. Sidek Ab. Aziz and the Principal of the Tenth and Eleventh Colleges, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. B.T. Hang Tuah Baharuddin.


Among the activities held were academic carnival, ‘Spell-It-Right’ and ‘Clever 15’. The goal of the academic carnival was to encourage the application of knowledge in the games prepared by the organiser.

The Eleventh College was crowned as the champion for the ‘Spell-It-Right’ competition that tested on the students’ English language proficiency. In the competition, students were given 20 seconds to spell each word given in British English.

The ‘Clever 15’ competition which challenges students’ intelligence and general knowledge, witnessed the Tenth College as the champion.

Each team taking part in this competition consisted of two students who were required to answer several general knowledge quiz questions based on the topic selected by each group representative by drawing lots.


The UPM Wushu Club also did a wushu performance, a martial art that combines flexibility, endurance, agility and rhythmic movement in its movements.


Other performances include Rubik’s Cube show, Malay song and nasyid performances by Fifteenth College students. - UPM



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