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UPM’s Kem Jelajah Fizik manages to inculcate deep interest among participants

By: Nor Ashekin Hamdan

– Many students have the impression that learning Physics is very difficult, thus posing a hurdle for them to progress and succeed in the subject.

Realizing the importance of Physics, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) took the initiative to organize an Outreach Program - Kem Jelajah Fizik –  which was participated by some 60 Form Four students of Sekolah Menengah Imtiaz, Besut, during the recent school holiday.

The three-day program by UPM STEM - Outreach Physics was led by Science Faculty Senior Lecturer, Dr. Yap Wing Fen. Some 38 UPM Physics Club undergraduates acted as facilitators for the program.

Dr. Yap said a study found that Science Stream students at secondary schools had the impression that learning Physics was tough and boring.

The program, therefore, could help inculcate deep interest in the understanding of Physics among secondary students.

“Most Form Four and Form Five students resorted to memorizing Physics definitions and formulae before sitting for the examination. By memorizing, they thought that they could score good grades in the exam but little did they realize that they will be facing problem when they study Physics at a higher level.

“What we are trying to do is to change the students’ perceptions - from memorizing Physics to understanding and remembering the subject via this program which is done in series,” he said.

UPM STEM - Outreach Physics with the motto “Transfer, Transverse, Transform” (Memindah, Melintas dan Mengubah) adopts a hands-on approach with focus on the implementation of activities where students are given the chance to witness and get involved in learning the concepts in their daily life.

Among the more interesting slots held throughout the program were the “From Sky to Star” which required students to make use of their innovative ideas to construct a paper rocket using waste materials. It was aimed at putting their Physics basic theory and psychomotor skills to practice.

“Through this slot, their knowledge on Physics they learn in classroom could be put into practice by way of creating interesting and effective paper rockets,” he said.

Other activities, including Amazing Physics, Explorace: The Einstein Hunt and The Journey of Curiosity also helped to open their minds plus giving them the opportunity to carry out outdoor Physics experiments.

SM Imtiaz Besut student, Azri Faiq said the programme made him realized the importance of Science Physics which we experience in our daily life.

“In the past, I hate Physics but after participating in this program, my perception towards the subject has entirely changed,” he said.

His friend, Almuni Noor Aziam, who also took part in the program, said he was now more prepared to answer the Physics paper in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), and that he wanted to continue his tertiary education at UPM.

“I am grateful that I was given the chance to participate in this transformative Physics camp which to me is entirely different from the others,” he said. – UPM.

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