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UPM students help spruce up surroundings of Zoo Negara

SERDANG, May 21 - A total of 39 students from the Seventeenth College (K17), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), became volunteers to help spruce up the Zoo Negara’s surroundings recently.

The Zoolunteering Programme organised by the Secretariat of Green Cheerfulness and Sustainability, K17 College Representative Council, Session 2021/2022, aimed to enhance knowledge on proper animal care in terms of animal safety, health, comfort and well-being.

K17 Principal, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasronita Jasni, said the programme provided not only new experiences to the students but also instilled human values ​​and responsibility toward wildlife and the environment.

“Thanks to the volunteers for all their efforts in making this programme a success.

"Among the volunteering activities assigned were painting the fence, sweeping the animal enclosure area and cleaning the aquarium area," said Dr. Jasronita Jazni, who was also present at the programme.

She hoped the love for animals and the knowledge imparted through the programme could be practised and applied by the volunteers in the future. - UPM

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