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UPM students enroll in Land Resource Management and Urban Development technical course

By: Dr. Daljit Singh Karam


UNITED KINGDOM – 25 Master of Land Resource Management (LARM) students from Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) are currently undergoing a technical course on Land Resource Management and Urban Development in Europe to gain exposure on soil sustainability.


Cambridge International Land Institute (CILI), Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, technical course coordinator, Prof. Dr. William Seabrooke said the programme aims to expose students on the methods of development, reclamation and urban and suburban land care and maintenance as practiced in Europe.

“Exchange of ideas is crucial in creating an urban environment that would allow communities to carry out their daily lives more comfortably. Moreover, students would also be able to make a comparison between the approaches practiced in Malaysia and Europe,” he said.


Head of the Land Management Department, Faculty of Agriculture UPM, Associate Prof. Dr. Radziah Othman said the course includes studying the approaches used in managing rapid development pressure, land use planning and policies for development and agriculture in Europe.

“In addition, social management is also taken into account in urban development planning to ensure the main functions includes all aspects such as career, health, welfare and local economy opportunities.

“Vast forested areas, some of them were potential agricultural lands had been developed into housing and industrial zones. It is undeniable that such development is deemed necessary to create business, investment and job opportunities for both local and international communities,” she said.

The course that runs from the 13th until 20th August 2017 is developed on the collaborative effort of the Cambridge International Land Institute (CILI), University of Cambridge Department of Land Economy and UPM’s Faculty of Agriculture. It is a compulsory course for all LARM students.

A LARM student, Wan Abdul Hadi Wan Mohd Shafie said that through the course, he has gained considerable knowledge in land development that can be adapted to Malaysia.

“One of the more interesting approaches is the rehabilitation of old and depilated buildings into liveable homes. This approach could reduce the cost of constructing new structures while conserving land use and maintaining land sustainability at the same time,” he said

He also added that in spite of a densely populated population, cities like London and Amsterdam are able to ensure issues such as traffic congestions and the obtainability of low cost housing for the poor are addressed.


Meanwhile, as part of the technical course, a Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Agriculture’s Department of Land Management UPM, Dr. Daljit Singh Karam and LARM students visited redeveloped sites, parks, urban farms and smarts townships around London and Amsterdam. In addition, the course content also includes case studies such as looking at the development of suburban areas. - UPM

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