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UPM ready to welcome students fully return to campus


SERDANG - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) acknowledges the announcement made by the Minister of Higher Education, YB Dato' Dr. Noraini Ahmad, to allow the return of four categories of students in stages starting from July until the full reopening in October 2020.

In this regard, UPM is working on a reopening plan to ensure a smooth return of students to the campus, especially those from the families of B40 and asnaf. UPM is also managing the preparation of student accommodation both within and outside the campus.

In the meantime, UPM supports the full reopening of the university as announced by the Minister given the timing is right for the learning and teaching process to be continued as usual by complying with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that has been established.

Although virtual learning will be continued until the end of the year, it is hoped that the full return of students in October will enable face to face learning to be continued, apart from the co-curriculum activities that are crucial for students’ social interaction in producing holistic graduates.


While the importance and justification of virtual learning are undeniable, face to face learning provides a different learning experience when live interaction takes place between students and lecturer.

A more detailed explanation of the student accommodation and learning needs will be released soon. Therefore, students do not have to be worried. - UPM


Date of Input: 28/07/2020 | Updated: 28/07/2020 | hairul_nizam


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