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UPM Raises Cancer Awareness among Penderas Orang Asli Community

By: Salimah Japar


KUALA KRAU - 17 staff from the Department of Nursing and Rehabilitation together with 36 Bachelor of Nursing students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FPSK), UPM, organised a cancer awareness programme for the Orang Asli community at Penderas.


Programme Advisor and FPSK UPM Nursing Lecturer, Rosna Abdul Raman, said, “The programme with the theme ‘2017 Cancer Awareness with the Penderas Community’ was aimed at creating awareness and enhancing knowledge on cancer among participants.”

"The active participation of the Penderas community this time around is an indicator of their interest towards the healthcare programmes and subsequently this has motivated the staff and students of the Department of Nursing and Rehabilitation to continue their efforts in cultivating a healthy lifestyle practice in the community," she added.

The programme was held to strengthen the relationship between UPM and the Penderas community as well as to enhance the soft skills, social concern and responsibility among students and the department staff.

The programme was attended by more than 270 Orang Asli residents from two villages in the district of Kuala Krau, Pahang, and it was held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Penderas, FPSK’s adopted school since 2016.

FPSK UPM’s first year Bachelor of Nursing Student, Dzulhakim Dzulkipli, said that the programme has allowed him to gain a much-needed exposure in organising a collaborative programme between the staff and students.”

"This programme has built my confidence in public speaking especially after I was appointed as the host of the programme, and I have also increased my knowledge on cancer," he further commented.

Various activities are available such as health screening, exhibitions on the five main types of cancer in Malaysia, health games and karaoke sessions. - UPM

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