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UPM Press launches book on Transformation of Leadership for IHE

By: Nurnadhira Mahidin

Photos: Marina Ismail


SERDANG, 11 August - A Book of Transformation of Leadership for Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) in Malaysia published by UPM Press is launched by the Chairman of the National  Council of Professors,  Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid.

He is also the the Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisor who said that the book is the first that discusses the  transformation of leadership for Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) in Malaysia.

This book has gathered articles from five topics in Academic Discourse. The 15 panel writers  consist of academic leaders from ministries, universities, and institutions. The editor of the book is the Lecturer from Department of Government and Civilization Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology UPM, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Izani Mohd Zain and Co-Editor from Department of Education Leadership & Policy, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Prof. Dato' Dr. Norzaini Azman.

The launching of the book was made at the Engineering Audiditorium, Faculty of Engineering during the Academic Discourse on the Transformation of Leadership for Institutes of Higher Education Malaysia at Universiti Putra Malaysia in collaboration with the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), which has organised the Academic Discourse Programme in discussing leadership transfomation,  which is the foundation of excellence of Institutes of Higher Education  in the country of the 4.0 challenge.

“In facing the impact of this digital era, the leadership of the Institutes of Higher Education has to use appropriate teaching strategies in line with the current claim, and a careful planning is needed by taking into considerations on how to overcome future challenges rather than to be torn between the past and present issues,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, the forum on the ‘Transformation of Leadership for Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) in Malaysia of the 4.0 Challenge,’ has discussed leadership transformation which is the basis of IPTA’s excellence and the emergence of the 4.0, which opens the debate on how leadership in the IPT is needed.

Also present were the Director of LPU UPM, Prof. Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Anuwar Ali, Chairman of AKEPT’s Advisory Board, Tan Sri Wan Mohd Zahid Wan Mohd Nordin, Deputy Director  General, Higher Eduacation Department (JPT), IPTA, Prof. Dr. Noor Azizi Ismail, and Chief Excecutive Officer of  the National  Council of Professors, Prof Dato’ Dr. Raduan Che Rose. – UPM.


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