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UPM Graduate earns degree while composing in music industry

By: Nazrul Rapail

SERDANG, Jan 13 – “At first, I just do song covers for fun. I never thought it would go viral,” said Noor Shahida Supian, 25, a Bachelor of Horticultural Science graduate who received her degree at Session 6 of the 44th UPM Convocation Ceremony today.

Shahida Supian, commonly known as Shida, is fascinated with the music industry.

The graduate, who hails from Sungai Merab, Bangi, started playing music (guitar) when she was 15.

“I first saw my brother playing the guitar, and it got me interested and made me want to learn,” she said.

She said she had loved sharing song covers while playing the guitar on the platforms such as YouTube and Instagram since 2012.

“I did not believe it when my song cover of ‘Despacito’ went viral in 2017 with nearly three million views, and it got me the YouTube Silver Play button,”

Since then, her talent has caught the attention of others to collaborate with her in concerts in and outside of UPM.

She was invited to perform at the Convocation Expo Night 2017 and performed with the Honourable Dato’ Seri Haji Idris Jusoh, the Minister of Higher Education at that time.

Her success did not end there as she was once again invited by MHI TV3, SIS TV9, and Muzik-Muzik TV3 in 2019 to collaborate with Faithful Music (FML) to perform a song called ‘Caramu’.

FML is currently in the process of releasing her first single album.

Shahida is grateful and happy to have completed her studies in today’s convocation.

She also thanked everyone who knew her, especially those who had always supported her in the music industry.

“Not to forget family, friends, and lecturers who had always given moral support and helped me throughout the time I spent in UPM,” said Shahida. - UPM

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