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Two national athletes successfully attain their degrees

By: Nur Syamila Kamarul Arefin dan Nazrul Rapail

SERDANG, March 21- Two national athletes who pursued their degrees at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) have successfully attained their degrees despite dividing their time between studies and sports.

The Sepak Takraw League’s (STL) best tekong of 2021/2022, Meor Zulfikar Meor Mohamad Zulfikar Mat Amin, admitted that it was somewhat difficult for him to attain his degree because he had deferred his study and could not graduate on time, unlike his friends.

“During the 2017 Sea Games, I had to defer one study semester for my takraw match. I was somewhat devastated that I had to do so, but it was my responsibility to perform my best for my country.

“Regardless, I have finally managed to obtain a degree as well as contributed a gold medal for our country at the 2017 Sea Games. Apart from these, I have also made UPM proud with the numerous golds we bagged at the Malaysian Higher Education Institutions sports and MASUM for three years in a row, where UPM emerged as the champion,” he said.

Meor Zulfikar, a Bachelor of Communication graduate, said that individual success in a field could only be achieve by hard work.

Meanwhile, Kannathasan a/l Subramaniam, an athlete and a Bachelor of Communication graduate, said pursuing a career in education and sports appears bright.

“Manage your time wisely while studying at UPM so that you can get your degree on time.

"UPM assists students by allowing them to organise their time well, and getting assistance from the academic advisors to coordinate the study and training schedule," he said. - UPM

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