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The management of oil palm land

By: Dr. Daljit Singh


KEMAMAN – Managing oil palm fields comprises many aspects of science and technology. The production of palm oil is related closely to the management of suitable crops.

Malaysia is the second largest producer of palm oil, and it is still an important source of income for the country.

Proper management, regular fertilisation and good harvesting strategies in accordance with the required level of quality will produce high yields to oil palm farms.

To ensure that oil palm trees continue to produce fruits sustainably, understanding the nutrient requirements of this plant is essential. Every living thing including palm trees needs sufficient nutrients to grow and bear fruit.

Recently, Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. (LRTSB) and the Department of Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) jointly organised a “Land Management and Nutrition Requirements for Oil Palm” course at Cheneh Recreation and Resort, Bandar Cheneh Baru. 35 management and support staff from Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd participated in the event.

LRTSB Chief Executive, YM. Che Ku Hafeez Che Ku Denang said that the course intended to provide exposure to the employees of companies that operate plantations on soil fertility and on the identification of soil conditions that require attention.

"The information is vital for each participant in understanding why sustainable use of fertilisers is a key factor in ensuring the growth of oil palm and in sustaining the quality of palm oil production," he added.

The land management course included activities on soil profiling, current soil fertility measuring and talk by the lecturer from the Department of Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM Dr. Daljit Singh. The course was held in conjunction with the World Soil Day celebration in December. – UPM

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