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The DC system model of smart home concept saves electricity

By: Azman Zakaria

Photo: Saleha Haron


SERDANG: Researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) develop a DC system model that has the concept of a smart home capable of saving cost of energy consumption while improving energy efficiency.


The innovation named ‘DC Homes in Future Energy System’ can be applied in homes or buildings that are based on Source-Load-Voltge-DC.


The lead researcher, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Zuha Wan Hasan from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UPM said Source-Load-Voltge-DC is used to build a new topology (connector) of the charging controller circuit and energy conversion.


According to him, the DC system model involves DC power distribution to an energy system that can be renewed and stored.


“The DC-distribution power system will be connected to all household electrical appliances such as refrigerator, television, air-conditioner and iron. One level of the voltage will connect the system component to support the proposed concept.


He said the DC system is suitable for all PV-powered smart home comprising various types of power monitoring equipment to analyse the level of energy consumption in the DC power distribution system as a measure to reduce household electricity costs and to improve energy efficiency.


According to him, the platform of the invention is composed of three circuits and one software. The first circuit controls the charging process from the solar PV source or that from the electric utility source; the second circuit controls the DC power at suitable one level of voltage for the household appliances; and the third circuit maintains the monitoring of the energy measurements.


Hence, he said, the innovation has the advantage of overcoming losses that occur during the conversion of power from AC to DC type.


He said that through the innovation, high energy conversion efficiency can be improved through the dispence of inverter and direct DC environment. 


He added that the innovation is also compatible for both On-Grid and Off-Grid PV systems. The cost is low due to easy installation, and it is also a Green innovation that produces less carbon and saves energy. - UPM


Date of Input: 26/11/2018 | Updated: 26/11/2018 | hairul_nizam


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