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Teacher obstruction does not stop Kar Jun from doing athletics

By Wan Nur Zurain

SERDANG, November 17, 2019 – Even though his interest in athletics was once questioned, Kwong Kar Jun or better known as Kar Jun continued to pursue his passion toward athletics, and he now has successfully obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration.

“Why do you want to play sports? Sports is a waste of time, and it has bleak future.” Those were the words uttered by Kar Jun’s former teacher that eventually became his motivation to pursue athletics with the intention of proving to his teacher that athletes can also have a bright future.

With high aspirations and determination to succeed, Kar Jun has proven that a sports student is capable of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and he earned a dean’s list in the sixth semester of his study.

Kar Jun is currently in the first semester of doing a Master of Education (Sports Science), and he shared his greatest achievement in athletics during the time when he represented Malaysia at the World Universe Championship in Taiwan and Italy in 2017 and 2019.

In addition, he successfully launched a club called Kelab Kawan (Kawan Athletics Club) last year with an aim to develop new talents in sports and guide them to achieve their goals in sports. - UPM

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