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Taking care of OKU parents while working, this girl attains Master’s degree

By: Nur Syamila Kamarul Arefin

SERDANG, Mar 19 - Effort is the key to success for everyone to succeed in this world to change their destiny so that they can serve their families.

Master of Corporate Communication graduate, Umaa Saraswathy A/P Kumarasamy, said her life was tested from an early age as both of her parents were People with Disabilities (OKU) who had to raise four children despite having their own disabilities.

“I think only education can change my life because I am aware of the shortcomings experienced by our family because my father has a physical problem, can only lie down, and my mother has a mental illness.

"To hold a master’s scroll today is not easy for me due to my hectic working condition in the customer service industry."

“What I have achieved is indeed a satisfaction as I managed to get a Master’s degree despite having to manage my father and mother, who are ill. Success does not come easily, and it takes effort and hard work,” she said.

Umaa attended the 45th UPM Convocation Ceremony today alone because her father passed away two months ago.

She said, although her father is no longer alive, her hard work still means a lot for the family to make a living.

"You can also do it. Get out of your comfort zone to achieve what you want in life. It's not easy. Put in the effort and never give up, "she said. - UPM

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