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Student Entrepreneurial Month Instills Entrepreneurial Culture

By Noraida Ahmad Zaimi      

Photo Noor Azreen Awang


SERDANG, Oct 7 - Centre of Entrepreneurial Development and Graduate Marketability, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), organised the Students’ Entrepreneurship Month Launch Ceremony 2019 to instill entrepreneurial culture among students of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The launch was officiated by Education Ministry deputy secretary-general for strategic planning, Dato’ Kamel Mohamad, who represented YB Teo Nie Ching, the Deputy Minister of Education.


YB Teo in her text, read by Dato Kamel, said that the programme aimed to instill entrepreneurial values among HEIs students to shift their minds from being job seekers to job creators.

“The training process that the students go through while during their studies will mould them into graduates with innovative entrepreneurial skills and enhanced competency to face the challenges as global entrepreneurs,” she said.

UPM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato’ Dr. Aini Ideris, said the new generation needs to have additional skills as this knowledge can be applied to what they have learned at the university level.

‘They need to be more creative in applying what they have learned as well as upskilling themselves in other relevant fields in order for them to be more competitive in the job market,” she said.

She added, exposure to various field of knowledge as well as to relevant technical skills can add more values to the students, among which is the entrepreneurial skills.


Muhamad Anfal Zainudin, a Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Development) student from the Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM, stated that UPM students are encouraged to take part in the entrepreneurial field as they have access to the entrepreneur community platform which will not only help generate income, but also allow them to share experiences, exchange business techniques and identify mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.

“I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship. I have learned about self-confidence as well as other skills such as pitching, self-image and leadership skills,” said Anfal who is the Rojak King MarBehLoz entrepreneur.  Anfal disciplines himself in the business world and has established a network to assist each other in business.

His peer, a Bachelor of Accounting student from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Nazrul Irfanradi Nazarulanuar, said student entrepreneurship is a proactive platform that provides opportunity and space for students to explore their potential with regard to communicative ability, leadership and organisational management.

“I hope everyone will cooperate in increasing the awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship among students.  This field is not only meant for those who wish to become entrepreneurs, but it is also good for those who wish to venture into other professional fields,” he said. - UPM