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Strong discipline leads to Chuah Yu Tian’s success

By Cheng Kai Wah


SERDANG, Oct 28 - The Kuala Lumpur SEA Games women's silver medalist 2017 (Pole Vault), Chuah Yu Tian, 25, a student from the Faculty of Science, completed her studies in Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Chemistry) and received her scroll during the 42nd UPM Convocation Ceremony today.


The head of her research project, Prof. Mansor Ahmad, was impressed with Chuah’s diligence and ability to manage her time wisely between sports training and academic work.


"Chuah always comes early to the teaching lab to do her research to make sure that her experiments can be completed within the prescribed period," he said.


Currently, Chuah plans to focus fully on sports training in preparation for SEA Games 2019. - UPM

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