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Sold burgers and satay to support studies

By Sarah Nabilah Hamdan & Nur Syamimie Mohd Rozali

Photo by Marina Ismail, Noor Azreen Awang & Mohd Hasrul Hamdan

SERDANG , 7 Nov – With a determination of not wanting to burden his parents or getting into debt for taking a loan from PTPTN, Muhammad Najib Abu Bakar became self-employed throughout his studies to pay for the tuition fees until he successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science.

Muhammad Najib, 23, worked part-time at night selling burgers at Serumpun College, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) three times a week and sold satay in Section 13, Bangi.

The eldest of four siblings also worked as a promoter for Utusan newspaper in 2015 and was hired to assist in research work at the Faculty of Agriculture, UPM such as in harvesting crops for data collection.

Muhammad Najib, born in Sabah and is now residing in Kedah, is able to carve a smile for both his parents who work as teachers, after being conferred with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree at UPM’s  41st Convocation Ceremony, here.

"Those who wish to work part-time should not listen to what others may think or be calculative with the salary offered because it is the experience that matters," said Najib who aspires to become a fertigation entrepreneur and sell agricultural tools. Among the challenges faced by Najib while working was getting to work if it rained as he depended on his motorcycle to reach his destination. - UPM



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