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‘Skyridder’, an innovation by Langit Putra to facilitate campaign against illegal lamppost advertisements

By: Hafliza Hussin


KAJANG – The ‘Green and Innovation’ campaign by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) which employs the use of an innovative tool, Skyridder, has helped the community from Taman Sinaran neighbourhood watch (KRT) in ridding illegal advertisements from being set up on lamp posts in the neighbourhood.

The Skyridder innovation project, developed by the Innovative and Creative group (KIK), Langit Putra, from the Putra Science Park and the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) (TNCPI), UPM, began in 2018 to tackle the problems of rusted wires and wood splinters from banners and buntings that were left on lamp posts all around UPM.

Skyridder, produced using recycle materials, will help overcome the difficulties in removing old wires and wood splinters on lamp posts after the outdoor advertisements were taken down.

The project group leader, Asrizam Esam, said SkyridderTM could help more than 8,000 KRT communities in Malaysia in ridding illegal advertisements once it is commercialised.

MPSJ recorded over 290,000 illegal advertisements in 2015.

He added that the green initiative programme involves the removal of old wires and wood splinters left on lamp posts around the neighbourhood.


Chairperson of KRT Taman Sinaran, Yusoff Masburi, said he felt fortunate when UPM suggested a collaboration between the neighbourhood community and the university through its community service programme which could also increase the awareness on the green initiative.

“It opens the eyes of the community about the problems of rusted wires and splinters often left behind by companies or individuals who put up illegal advertisements and promotional buntings around the area.”

“We regularly organise ‘gotong-royong’ activities in the neighbourhood to create a safe and clean environment and infrastructures, as well as to strengthen the bond among the local community. We did not realise that these illegal advertisements could have a negative impact on the surrounding view if not curbed,” he said.


Director of the programme, Nor Liyana Kamarudin, who is also a member of Langit Putra group, said the green initiative campaign was implemented internally in UPM through the organisation of the wire-free programme a year ago and during the national level Awareness Project 2019 (Mid/centre & South zones): Usage of Recycled Papers.


“This campaign is part of our continuous commitment as university staff who have the expertise and experience in innovations to share our knowledge with the community for mutual benefits.”


“We would also like to instil awareness by educating UPM staff and students, the younger generation and the local community to embrace the green initiatives practice in their daily lives,” she added.


Also present were KRT committee members and members of Langit Putra group, Asrizam Esam, Norliyana, Hafliza, Norazlin, Mohd Mas’ataillah and Mohd Hisham from PSP, Mohd Izzat from the TNCPI office and Shahriman Hashim, who acted as the facilitator. - UPM



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