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Siblings receive PhD simultaneously

By: Hendra Rijal dan Faiz Hamzah


SERDANG, Oct 27 – Sisters, Azizah Rahmat and Hawa Rahmat, shared moments of joy and success when receiving their PhDs at the 42nd Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony today.


Azizah, the elder sister, obtained a PhD in Computer Software Engineering from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology while Hawa obtained a PhD in Development Ecology from the Faculty of Human Ecology.


Azizah and Hawa, from Muar, Johor are the seventh and eighth child of 11 siblings, respectively. They were excited to complete their studies at the PhD level at the same time despite studying in different fields.


According to them, their success is the result of mutual assistance and moral support from their family as their biggest challenge is to balance their roles as a wife and mother while working and studying all at once.


"We always motivated each other so that we both could achieve success despite studying in different fields," said both of them. - UPM

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