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Siblings enter university together

By: Muhammad Faris Nazrin Mohd Nizar
Student of Bachelor of Software Engineering, FSKTM 

SERDANG, Jan 12 – The 44th Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony 2022 is a beautiful moment full of smiles for a pair of five siblings, namely, Vanitha D/O Paliah and Saraniah D/O Paliah, for achieving their ambition to enter the university together.

“Before this, I had pursued my Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Network) here, and the deep love for my alma mater had moved me to continue my studies in UPM as well,” she said. 

Meanwhile, her sister, Saraniah, 28, pursued a Master of Education (Educational Psychology).

According to her, her sister’s graduation from UPM had inspired her to continue her studies at UPM.

“UPM offers the Master of Education (Educational Psychology) programme that I am interested in, and it is my long-time ambition to become a lecturer,” she said.

The siblings said despite facing difficulties in conducting research, they were able to complete it with good time management.

The second child of five siblings also shared advice that getting enough sleep and prioritising important matters were keys to their success.

Their success was like a dream come true because they desired to graduate together.

Currently, Vanitha is working as an ITIL Process Controller and intends to further her studies to the level of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management at UPM.

Meanwhile, Saraniah had succeeded in achieving her goal as she had received an offer as an Education Services Officer of Grade DG41 and is waiting for her placement. - UPM

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