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'Service-based learning' as an innovative way to ensure effective teaching

By Azman Zakaria

Photo by Noor Azreen Awang


SERDANG - Researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) successfully innovated a “service-based learning” approach to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the classroom through practical work practices before transferring the practice to local industries and the community.

The approach is closely linked to experience-based learning which combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

This innovation is crucial in teaching and learning as it helps familiarise students with real work life environment, increases their employability in accordance with the needs of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and 21st-century work skills and aids in the implementation of safety and accident prevention measures through practical knowledge practices.

The head of the research team, Dr. Muhd Khaizer Omar from the Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM said that this 'service-based learning' aims to integrate community service and learning outcomes holistically.

He said students should be able to render their theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the community, and this also helps in fostering civic responsibility, social skills and positive personalities among the students.

"At the same time, it enhances confidence and exposes students to a critical thinking culture in achieving a deeper understanding of the content knowledge," he said.

He added that service-based learning has successfully assisted and increased the knowledge of the community on the latest information and technology available at student learning centres.

“The introduction of this teaching methodology is vital as students today are burdened with a curriculum that emphasises on books and theoretical knowledge. The current learning environment is unexciting and repetitive,” he said.

According to him, service-based learning has proven to be a platform for promoting a sense of responsibility, compassion, citizenship, competence, and knowledge-sharing process for the community and the nation.

“The benefits of service-based learning create a learning environment that can train students' talents and polish their potential. Additionally, social and communal responsibility are translated into experience gained during service-based learning.

The innovation won gold medals at both the Putra InnoCreative Carnival in Teaching and Learning 2018 and the School Transformation 2025 (TS25). It also won the Outstanding Researcher Award 2018, and a gold award for poster presentation at the 2nd National Convention of the School Transformation Programme 2025 (TS25).

Other members of the research team are Associate Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mat Rashid, Dr. Mohd Hazwan Mohd Puad and a postgraduate student sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Mohd Fakhrul Azizie Mohd Zaid. - UPM

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