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“Same, Same” wins Nafise RM3,000

SERDANG - UPM PhD student, Nafise Motlag from the Department of Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages has done the university proud, emerging as the first prize winner in the Malaysia Day App Challenge 2012, under Projek Dialog. Held in conjunction with Malaysia Day 2012, Projek Dialog is a collaboration between various faith-based and non faith-based NGOs in Malaysia to promote religious understanding and tolerance in Malaysia.

Led by the Islamic Renaissance Front, one of the main goals of this collaboration is to develop innovative ICT solutions that will foster the sense of unity, promoting cultural diversity or religious understanding.

Participants were required to think of a practical application or an ICT solution that could be used to

  • foster the sense of belonging and unity as a united country;
  • promote cultural diversity and appreciation of cultural differences;
  • promote religious diversity and understanding in a multicultural society.

Nafise’s winning idea, “Same, Same”. which captured the votes of the judges, won  her a cash prize of RM3,000.

She is an enterprising photo-journalist with an interesting portfolio of poignant moments of people captured through her digital lenses.

Those interested in getting a glimpse of some of her work can visit her website  http://www.nafisemotlaq.com.

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