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Orphan gets a diploma despite money constraints

By Syamimie Rozali dan Sarah Nabilah

Photo by Marina Ismail, Noor Azreen Awang & Mohd Hasrul Hamdan

SERDANG, 6 Nov - The status as an orphan did not stop Ain’nurulfarhana Ramli from getting a Diploma in Food Estate Management at the 41st convocation ceremony in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) today.

Ain, 21, born in Ipoh, Perak, raised by her aunty since young for not having her mother when she was one month old and her father when she was six because of heart complications.

The most challenging situation is when the oath letter for adopted child was not evident, causing Ain to have difficulty in applying for scholarships and PTPTN. Nonetheless, her burden was lightened with the help of Zakat Wazan, UPM for giving RM600 every semester.

To sustain a high cost of living in Sarawak, Ain worked as an assistant to the UPM minimarket in Bintulu, Sarawak campus and taught tuition to SPM students on a part-time basis.

The financial constraints did not stop Ain from being active in touch rugby, giving speeches and poems, and in fact, she won the best debater at the Bintulu, Sarawak district level. 

‘Because I was busy with co-curriculum activities, I started my revision after dawn. I believe that if we do good deeds for others, we will be rewarded with good things in return,’ said Ain, who is also the secretary of Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa UPM, Bintulu campus.



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