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NALES Pudding is champion in FSTM’s Produk Baharu 2015

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SERDANG, Dec 17 – A Nales Pudding product emerged as the champion in the Produk Baharu 2015 held in conjunction with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Hari Pengenalan Produk Baharu 2015, organized by the Science and Food Technology Faculty (FSTM).

The Hari Pengenalan Produk Baharu is aimed at introducing new food products and to promote the faculty to new students.

The winning product was cooked up by a group of FSTM Final Year students who named their company, Localife Sdn. Bhd, where they came up with a dessert to complement Malaysia’s popular Nasi Lemak through NALES Pudding.

Head of the group, Chan Lin Chong said NALES Pudding featured two layers of Nasi Lemak (coconut milk from palm oil) and pandan extract with baked beans, cucumber, eggs and sambal flakes.

“NALES Pudding promises 100 per cent in pure calcium from eggshell that is guaranteed safe for consumption and nutritious in fulfilling the needs for energy and taste.

“NALES Pudding comes in a variety of use as your daily snack, a souvenir or a gift,” he said.

The second place winner went to Kurfee team who introduced Premix 2 in 1 coffee while the third place was won by Breakfast Go team whose creative powdered drink could give you not only energy but easy and nutritious drink for your breakfast.

Each team walked away with cash prize of RM400, RM300 and RM200 respectively, plus a hamper.

Other teams who received consolation prizes were Riizo, Oatreats,Eastroot, Sambal Telur Ana and Frostee.

Among the categories contested were the Best Multimedia which was won by Kurfee via their Premix 2 in 1 coffee, Best Display by Sambal Telur Ana and Best Packaging by Nales Pudding.  

FSTM Dean, Prof. Dr. Hasanah Mohd Ghazali said the event could serve as a platform for students to apply their knowledge in the field of Science and Food Technology where they came up with viable new ideas for prototypes to benefit the masses.

“This year, eight teams of students with the cooperation of Putra Science Park have created eight new food products that have been given a copyright register.

“Their efforts will be more meaningful if all their products could be commercialised as this, indirectly, could help in the development of local food market as a dynamic industry in Malaysia and the nerve for downstream agriculture activities.

“The creation of new food products plays a very important role in ensuring the development and sustainability of our dynamic food industry,” she said.

The products created by each group, started with idea generation, followed by production and prototype testing at a guided plant, processing laboratory and a sensory testing lab until the finale where the product prototypes were launched to customers.

The event was officiated by Deputy Director of UPM Putra Science Park UPM, Prof. Dr. Faridah Qamaruzzaman.

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