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More than 80 researchers, scientists participate in NYAWA’19 exhibition

By Siti Nur Amanina Nazri

Photo Marina Ismail

SERDANG, 13 Oct – More than 80 researchers and scientists participated in the Nature’s Yield and Wonders of Art (NYAWA) ’19 exhibition at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) which aimed to bring the world of knowledge at university closer to the general public in relation to scientific research and discovery.

The exhibition, the themed NYAWA ’19: FOOD, had provided researchers with a greater opportunity to expand their creativity.

A total of 19 artefacts were produced, and through the exhibition, an indexed publication will be published.

The exhibition was held after the success of the previous series with different themes such as FRUIT (2012); INSECT (2013); MICROBE (2014); BIRD (2015); BRAIN (2015); BRAIN (2016); LIGHT (2017) and EARTH TO SKY (2018).

The indexed exhibition was a collaboration between eDU-PARK®, Putra Science Park, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), and Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM.

UPM Board of Directors Chairman, Tan Sri Ghauth Jasmon, said UPM has always encouraged researchers and scientists to produce creative artefacts for display, making educational tourism an attraction in UPM.

“Each artwork especially the painting has its own value and enables individuals to generate income,” he mentioned.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Idrus, said that eDU-PARK® is an innovative initiative to increase UPM's visibility to the community towards innovations in agriculture, science, technology, health, and in life in general, in a more attractive and visitor-friendly way.

He further mentioned that the general public have the opportunity to explore the world of knowledge and also gain knowledge from UPM lecturers and trained UPM officials in line with Shift 7: Innovation Ecosystem of the Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) 2015-2025 (PPPM(PT)2015-2025).

He added that it also contributed to the attainment of UPM’s objective to boost industrial and community relations services. – UPM

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