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Kembara Programme Explores Architectural, Cultural Attractions in India

By : Hanafi Rashid

TAMIL NADU (INDIA) – Undergraduates should remain sensitive to current developments taking place within and outside the country, in tandem with the progress made in this borderless world and in their pursuits to gauge their level of marketability.

Towards this, some 16 students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) took part in ‘Program Kembara Seni India’  from January 13 to January 27, with the aim of exploring architectural and cultural attractions in India.

This programme saw undergraduates from Kolej Sepuluh forging educational ties with students from two universities in India - Bharathidasan University, Government College Engineering and Cochin College.

Programme Advisor, Ahmad Qadry said they were given a rousing welcome at both institutions of higher learning as this was the first time the latter were receiving visitors from a university in Malaysia.

The bonding between UPM students and their counterparts at both institutions was reinforced with a football match which ended in a draw (1-1).

The visits which lasted for 14 days took place in two states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Seven districts that they visited were Chennai Thanjavaur, Trichy, Madurai, Kodaikanal, Munnar and Kochi.



During the visits, they were involved in activities which also saw the participation of villagers in Sengipatti, Thanjavaur, during the Pongal Festival. The Director of the programme, Ravendran, said it was such a memorable experience when they were served with Pongal rice, a traditional food in India.

They were also entertained to a show entitled ‘Daksha Yaga’ at the Katahakali Centre which revolved around the history of India.

Students of Engineering and Industrial Designs also took part in the visits where they toured a temple in India to witness its architectural greatness.

Participant, Danial Hakim was impressed with an architectural structure built 3,000 years ago but still stands imposing in India.

In pursuing the beauty of architecture in India, UPM students also took the opportunity to carry out social service activities for the people in India. Among others, they gave away free food to street beggars, did a laundry service and helped cultivated gingers.

“I was truly delighted that I was able to help those needy and poor people there and I am really thankful to Allah for the comfort we are blessed with living in Malaysia,” he said.

Like Malaysia, India is also proud of its beautiful nature in Kodaikanal and Munnnar. The abundance of greenery there with fresh air at a temperature of 16 ° C promises an exciting experience.

“I was excited to witness and experience those beautiful nature. It just gave me that sense of calmness throughout the duration of my visit there,” he said. – UPM.

Date of Input: 13/03/2017 | Updated: 13/03/2017 | idah


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