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Karate athlete proves to be excellent not only in sports

By: M. Amiruddin Aziz
Student of Bachelor of Communication

SERDANG, January 11— A graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature,  Faculty of Modern Languages ​​and Communication (FBMK), Priyanshankari Hari Sankar, 26, has attained her degree within the given time (Graduate-on-Time-GOT) despite her busy schedule.

The national karate athlete expressed her excitement to have completed her study after toiling for three years.

She claimed that her interest in karate had motivated her to work hard for her career in sports and academics.

"I was in a sports school before, and it focused only on sports. UPM, on the other hand, put emphasis not only on the importance of sports but also on academics, co-curricular and various other activities conducted both on and off-campus," she said.

According to Priyanshankari, she learned many new things and time management during her studies at UPM.

"Being a student and an athlete at the same time, I admit that there are many constraints and challenges. Thus, determination and professionalism are important to continue to excel in whatever you do," she said.

Her most outstanding achievements during her studies in UPM were the Asean University Games, Macao, China, where she won a silver medal, followed by four consecutive gold medals at the Malaysia University Sports Council (MASUM) competitions, a gold medal at the Higher Education Institution Sports (SUKIPT) competition, and the recent Malaysian Karate Championship in Kazakhstan and her other satisfactory results in athletics.


The second child of three siblings whose sister, Sureeya Hari Sankar, was also a national athlete, was satisfied with her achievements throughout her studies at UPM. She had proven that she could excel both in sports and in academics.

"I have been trained since childhood to manage my time and to create a balance between sports and my studies, and these have helped me succeed in completing my bachelor's degree without missing out on any subject or training," she said.

She advised UPM students who have yet to graduate to seize all the opportunities in UPM and make the best use of them.

"Try your best to manage your time and give your best efforts to succeed," she said. - UPM

“Saya telah dididik sejak dari kecil untuk menguruskan masa saya, mengimbangi antara sukan dan pelajaran dan disebabkan itu juga saya berjaya menghabiskan bacelor saya tanpa tercicir mana-mana subjek atau latihan” katanya.

Beliau menyampaikan pesanan kepada pelajar UPM yang masih belum bergraduat agar rebut segala peluang yang ditawarkan di UPM dan memanfaatkannya sebaik mungkin.

“Cuba sehabis baik untuk mengurus masa anda, dan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk berjaya, “ katanya. - UPM

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