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Jom Masuk Kampung programme sparks volunteering activities

KUALA KEMAMAN - A total of 103 students from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Chapter YOSH Alumni Club, UPM Volunteerism Development Credited Co-curricular Course Group and Management Club in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) have participated in the Jom Masuk Kampung Programme held at Kampung Geliga and Kampung Geliga Pantai here.  

The three-day programme with the theme of “Journey with Purposed” was based on the concept of self-esteem development, whereby students were exposed to and given the opportunity to learn the local culture and contribute through volunteering activities.

Programme director, Nur Anisah Mohd Tahir, said it was part of the process to demonstrate student leadership talent so that they stand out in the community.

The programme was organised by UPM Chapter YOSH Alumni Club in collaboration with UPM Alumni Centre, Geliga and Geliga Pantai Village Community Management Council (MPKK), Institut Modal Insan Terengganu Sejahtera (i-MITS), Rumah Ngaji Terengganu (Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation), Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat and Endowment (WAZAN) UPM, Management Club UKM, Geliga Mosque and Texas Rangers 4x4.

The programme also aimed at strengthening the relationship between the students and village community as these students were placed with 23 foster families.

The programme began with three key slots, namely Sembang Usahawan (Entrepreneur Chat) with YPU Business Development Division Manager, Tuan Engku Mohd Hairulnizam, while some of the students conducted a volunteering activity, Ketuk-Ketuk Kuali (a cooking event), with the villagers.

Meanwhile, 30 students, together with MPKK committee and Texas Ranger members, visited selected asnaf houses to deliver basic necessities.

A participant from YOSH UPM, Nor Iman Ilyani, said she has gained a new experience by participating in the programme.

The Kampung Race slot aimed at introducing the culture of the people in Kampung Geliga. The participants were taught to make the traditional delicacy 'akok', sew nets at the village jetty, learn the Terengganu dialect at the 'social experiment' checkpoint and knead fish crackers.

The participants also visited Rimbun Dahan Turtle Hatchery at 11.30 pm to release 30 newly hatched sea turtles to sea.

Another participant, Zarul Muhaimi from Management Club UKM, said he did not expect his first visit to Kampung Geliga would present him with the opportunity to see sea turtle hatchlings kept in ponds.

"The most memorable moment is to be able to hold a four-day old turtle hatchling before releasing it to the sea ... it swims swiftly against the waves," he said.

The Fajar Sejuta Pemuda slot which began as early as 4 am was aimed at awakening the spirit of youth and empowering the community by performing solat al-fajr in congregation at the mosque. #QuranHour had appointed Chapter YOSH UPM as the Quranic companion for the implementation of the #QuranHour at the youth level, known as Youth #QuranHour.

The programme was also participated by 120 tahfiz students from Ribat Al Asyraf  of Kampung Mak Lagam and Tahfiz Darul Uloom from Bukit Takal.

A student from the Bachelor of Education (The Teaching of Bahasa Malaysia as a First Language), UPM, Muhammad Haikal Hafizi, said the Youth #QuranHour slot was a good initiative to attract the youth to the Qur'an.

The event was also attended by the Chairman of Kampung Geliga MPKK, Zaidi Lambak; Vice Chairman of Kampung Geliga MPKK, Dzulkifli Mohd Nor; and Vice Chairman of Kampung Pantai Geliga MPKK, Mohd Zaini Ngah. At the event, a special donation of RM500 from Chapter YOSH UPM Alumni Club was given to Azhari Yusuf's family whose house had  collapsed.

Zaidi, while speaking at the closing ceremony of Jom Masuk Kampung programme, said the programme had provided an opportunity for the students to develop their self-esteem, deepen their knowledge in leadership skills and strengthen the local cultures through community activities.


A UPM alumna of Animal Science degree, Nurul Athira Mohd Affandi, said the programme benefited the graduates as it taught them to help the community, strengthened their characters and produced graduates with integrity. – UPM


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