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ICERP2019 educates digital community to integrate humanistic values

By Siti Nur Amanina Nazri

Photo Marina Ismail

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 22 – The Faculty of Educational Studies (FPP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), organised the 5th International Conference on Educational Research Practice (ICERP) 2019 which aimed at educating the digital community to integrate humanistic and scientific values ​​in education.

ICERP 2019 is a platform for the sharing of information and ideas related to research and practice in the areas of education, engineering education and human resource development to improve and strengthen practices in education and human resource development.

It was officiated by the Director of Research Excellence Division of Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Education, Prof. Dato' Dr. Muhammad Fauzi Mohd Zin. Also present was the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Studies, UPM Prof. Dr. Samsilah Roslan, who is also ICERP 2019 Advisor.

Chairman of ICERP 2019, Dr. Ismi Arif Ismail, said the conference highlighted the concept of talaqqi between educators and students in the field of education.

He hoped the conference would have a positive impact on education, the industry and the society.

"I hope as a result of this conference, participants will gain new ideas and find ways to transform their respective agencies, industries and government communities," he said.

A total of 154 participants attended the conference which saw 79 paper presentations and two poster presentations by the participants. - UPM

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