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Hussein Proves Physical Disability is Not an Obstacle to Success

By Nurul Amiraa Mohamed Rafic

Serdang, Nov 19 - "My mom used to attach long sticks on both my legs as a home-based physiotherapy treatment, hoping that I could walk like an ordinary child and go to school as usual," Hussein's eyes began to well up as he recalled his experience during primary school years.

With the sticks attached to his legs, and using sticks to walk daily as part of the training his father made him do, Hussein became very stressful and almost lost all his hope.

"I believe mom and dad only wanted the best for me. Although I was depressed, they made me believe in myself and that I could work my way up to a university level.

"From standard one to form six, mom used to send and pick me up from school on a motorbike. The journey from home to school was about 30 minutes. I was always worried about my mom’s safety on the road and felt like I was always burdening her," Hussein recalled of his schooling life and the scarification of his mom.

Continuing his education at a Bachelor’s level in the field of Malay Language and Linguistics in UPM while being away from his family for the first time had taught Hussein self-reliance.

Hussein Said, aged 24, who comes from Tanjung Karang Selangor, went through a different academic and college experience compared to those of normal students, an experience that had changed his life.

The limited movements and insufficient facilities for the disabled (OKU) had made him grow stronger in managing his day-to-day business.

Hussein travelled back and forth from the faculty with the university’s vehicle prepared for the special needs (OKU). He received financial assistance from the Department of Social Welfare (JKM). Hussein also received other form of assistance and support from lecturers and friends around him.

Hussein was grateful for the encouragements he received from many people and organisations that have helped him cope with challenges as a student with disability throughout his four years in UPM.

He wanted to prove that students with disabilities can be just as successful as normal students by obtaining a degree. Currently, Hussein is pursuing a Master's degree in the same field in pursuit of his aspiration to become a lecturer.

"When I first came to UPM, my parents advised me to study hard and be independent”. I was determined not to trouble my parents anymore and to ensure that my success will be their reward," said Hussein, who also has an identical twin, Hassan. - UPM

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