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Husband and wife create sweet memories graduating together

By: Faiznur Jasmin Faiz
Student of Bachelor of Human Development Science, FEM

SERDANG, JAN 12 – A husband and wife have created sweet memories when they graduated together with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the Faculty of Agriculture at the 44th Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Convocation Ceremony today.

Muhammad Hakim Paimin, 25, said his wife, Siti Mariam Khairuddin, 26, who got married to him in May last year, had successfully completed the studies in the same study programme.

The couple was first met at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Originally, Siti Mariam was supposed to finish her studies in 2019, but due to negligence in calculating the credit points to graduate, she had to extend her studies by one semester.

Muhammad Hakim said although he was busily involved in leadership activities such as the College Student Council, it never stopped him from doing his best in academics.

“Both of us were also active in university associations such as the Muslim Students’ Association (PMI), and among the challenges faced by both was dividing time between academics and associations,” he said.

He said UPM students should take the opportunity not only to study but also to actively mix with people in preparation for life after graduation and stay positive in facing any challenges during their studies. - UPM

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