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Hoh Jia Da wins Ikon Reka Tekno National Youth Premier Award 2022

By: Nurul Ezzaty Mohd Azhari
Photo: Marina Ismail

SEPANG, December 17 - A student from the Department of Software Engineering and Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM) UPM, Hoh Jia Da, 22, has won the Ikon Reka Tekno National Youth Premier Award 2022, which was presented by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh.

This award was introduced to appreciate and recognise the youth who has contributed to the development of innovation and technology in Malaysia.

Hoh Jia Da said he had involved himself a lot in the field of technology, such as creating a platform for students to do business and order food through the applications of Xlektrik and Edulab and game cards to improve English literacy among B40 students.

"I have also represented Malaysia as the champion of the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Hackathon 2021 competition by creating technological applications that have a social impact.

"Honestly, I did not expect to win this because my competitors during the interview were mostly prominent adults and youths.

"However, I am very grateful to receive this recognition, and it can be an inspiration for other young people at the university to be more proactive in contributing and making a positive impact on their society," he said.

At the award ceremony, he was represented by his father, Hoh Sek Wong, 52, as he was participating in the East Asia Summit Hackathon competition organised by the ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, representing Malaysia.

However, his team managed to secure third place and beat ten countries: India, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, and the Philippines. - UPM

Date of Input: 23/12/2022 | Updated: 05/01/2023 | hairul_nizam


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