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HKIP instils quality and innovation-driven culture in staff services

By: Noor Eszereen Juferi

Photo by: Noor Azreen Awang


SERDANG, Nov 2 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised the Quality and Service Innovation Day Celebration (HKIP) 2018 to cultivate quality and innovation among staff with an aim to produce a group of workers with a creative mindset and synergistic way of working.


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato' Dr. Aini Ideris, said that the initiative to implement HKIP is expected to have a positive impact on the university, and innovative products by staff can be applied in various aspects in the future.


"Various aspects of innovation can be applied, among others, customer management, work culture practices, strategic management and leadership, human resources, finance, information and communications technology (ICT) assets as well as management of development projects," she said.


She said that the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) was one of the examples of creative thinking synergies that could produce various recognised innovations. In fact, two UPM’s KIK groups won the gold rating at the Public University level at the 14th KIK Convention held at Universiti Malaya recently.


"The iDECTECH group from InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) developed a single ID or UPM-ID directory of all application systems developed internally at UPM using only one id and password.”


"Langit Putra Group, a coalition between Putra Science Park and DVC Office (Research & Innovation) came up with a SkytiderTM innovation tool designed to suspend and lower outdoor bunting on lampposts in a safer and practical manner without the use of ladders or cranes," she said.


The chairman of the steering committee of HKIP 2018 celebration, Prof. Dr. Amin Ismail, said HKIP 2018 celebration with a theme "Pemikiran Kreatif Penggerak Sinergi Inovasi” (Creative Minds Foster Innovation Synergy) is the 6th celebration since 2013. It is a commendable effort that yield positive impact on the university.


"Creativity among staff is not just an individual's natural talent; it is something that can be learned. With appropriate environment and techniques, the potential can be identified and nurtured," he said.


Winners of the 15 categories contested are:


1. Creating a Theme Prize

    Nuraida Ibrahim, Sultan Abdul Samad Library


  1.  Innovative Idea Prize


      Warning Light and Siren - Zulkifli Sulaiman, Sultan     

      Alaeddin Suleiman Shah College (KOSASS)


Smart Chair - Norhezrulsham Muhamad Nodin, InfoComm Development Centr e(iDEC)


Water Saving System - Mohd Johari Sepet, Faculty of Science


Re-Bunting Carrier (RBC) - Asrizam Esam, Putra Science Park


Mobile Advertising Stand (MAS) - Fahmi Azar Mistar, Student Affairs Division


3.   Website Management Award

      Graduate School – Round Trophy


  1. Occupational Safety and Health Management Award

      Faculty of Economics and Management –Round Trophy


  1.  Workplace Environmental Quality Award      

(Faculty/Foundation Studies Category) – Faculty of Human Ecology 

(Institute/School/Academy Category) – Institute of Bioscience 

(Service Entity Category) - Sultan Abdul Samad Library

Overall - Sultan Abdul Samad Library


  1.  Lean Management Awards

Internal Audit Division

Project: Accountability Index Auditing Process


  1. 7.   Innovative and Creative Group Award

      iDETECH – InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC)

      Langit Putra – Putra Science Park & Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor

      (Research and Innovation)


  1.  Service Innovation Award

Technical Category – PutraBiz @ CEM group

Management Category – THE CORE 2.0 group – Internal Audit Division & CoSComm


  1.  Financial Management Accountability Index Award

Category 3 – Second College

Category 2 – Centre for Management of Waqf, Zakat dan Endowment (WAZAN)

Category 1 – University Health Centre


  1. Star Rating Award for Administrative Management

      Alumni Centre


  1. Quality Pearl & Vice-Chancellor Innovation Awards

      Faculty of Human Ecology


  1. HKIP Choir Competition Prize

      Faculty of Human Ecology


  1. PTJ Creative Delegation Competition Prize

      Faculty of Economics and Management


  1. Customer Service Quality Special Appreciation

       Sri Kantha Rao a/l Sani Babu


  1. Putra Ihsan Q-Innovative Appreciation

       Mohd Faizal Daud

       InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC)


       Krishnan Mariappan

       InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC)


       Mohd Izhwan Muhamad

       Faculty of Engineering


       Allan Lajot

       Faculty of Agriculture


       Noraihan Noordin

       Faculty of Engineering


       Mat Razi Abdullah

       University Islamic Centre


Siti Maryam Othman

Office of the Legal Advisor

Nor Afida Miskan

Occupational Safety and Health Management Office


Dato’ Wan Azman Wan Omar

Registrar Office


Siti Rozana Supian

Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry and Community Relations)


Shahriman Hashim

Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)