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Hearing impairment is no barrier for UPM graduate

By: M. Amiruddin Aziz
Student of Bachelor of Communication

SERDANG, Jan 12 – Chia Kah Min, more commonly known as Amber Chia, is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Faculty of Science, having hearing impairment since birth.

Amber, 25, who hails from Malacca, said she realised she had hearing problems at the age of 19 when she sat for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) for listening.

Since then, she had to use hearing aids for both ears, costing almost RM 5,000. She also had to bear the cost of purchasing replacement batteries for the hearing aids every month.

However, for her, it was not a challenge to be feared.

She said she accepted her condition and got adjusted to it, and was determined to pursue her interests and dreams.

“We should not feel inferior to be different from others. There is a reason why we are who we are. If we can overcome the problem we face now, we will become a better individual,” she said.

Her cheerful and enthusiastic attitude also helped her ward off pressure in her studies, and she was grateful to be surrounded by positive and supportive friends. 

Apart from that, the Division of Student Affairs (BHEP), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), also helped her financially, alleviating some of her living costs and hearing aid needs. - UPM

Date of Input: 12/01/2022 | Updated: 15/02/2022 | hairul_nizam


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