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Hard of hearing is no barrier to attaining PhD

By: Ngo Zhen Hong
Student of Bachelor of Consumer Studies, FEM

SERDANG, Jan 9 – The experience of hard of hearing posed difficulties to Dr. Irma Izani, but it did not deter her from pursuing her studies until she has successfully attained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Genetics.

She said it was a challenge for her, but she remained optimistic, determined, and accepted her own condition.

Dr. Irma Izani, 36, said she found it difficult while studying at the University College Dublin, Ireland, as hearing problems had caused her not to be able to listen to any lecture.

“This resulted in having to study the lecture notes on my own at home. Alhamdulillah, the university provided aid and support, including allowing me to use a transmitter to listen to the lectures,” she said.

The mother of four is now a lecturer with Perdana University, and she said she started having hearing problems when she was in high school, at the age of 16.

“I found it hard to hear back then. When my mother called me, I couldn’t even hear her,” she said.

She further added that students, especially those with disabilities, should be brave in asking for help, as other people would not be able to know if you needed their help.

“Asking for help is not a weakness for an OKU. Instead, it will help them to live just like others,” she said.

“My family and my husband are my biggest supporters, and my family provides strong moral support to me. Helping each other and giving motivation is key to allow me to graduate with a PhD,” she added.

She also shared tips on how she earned her PhD by advising students to know their own weaknesses and strengths, which will help them improve on their weaknesses and perform better in the future.

Dr Irma is aspired to be a motivator by sharing her experience and hoped to increase awareness among the OKU community and shape their perception that their physical disabilities should not be a barrier to success in life. – UPM

Date of Input: 09/01/2022 | Updated: 31/01/2022 | hairul_nizam


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