| Universiti Putra Malaysia

Good Deeds for Entrepreneur’s Need programme

By: Mohd Iqmal Haris


SERDANG, Jan 17 – A total of 94 undergraduate students have participated in the Good Deeds for Entrepreneur’s Need Programme, which focuses on sharing tips and skills to overcome challenges after graduation.


It was facilitated by the icons of Putra Icon Awards 2019, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Programme director, Nur Alia Abdul Malek, said the programme aimed to help students better understand and be aware of entrepreneurship and volunteerism.

“By inviting Putra Icon 2019 as a special panel, we hope the participants can hear for themselves the experience of undergraduates who are still studying but also take the opportunity to do business and social work.

"This will encourage students to be more open-minded, knowing that being a university student does not only require them to study the courses taken but also need to hone their skills and potential," she said.

The programme's main slot was an interactive platform between the students and the recipient of the Putra Icon Award Entrepreneurship Cluster, Ahmad Zaid Ismail, and the recipient of the Top Student Volunteer Award, Amalina Nadiah Azmi, who is also a UPM student. They provided entrepreneurship tips as well as thinking techniques that the students could apply.

Ahmad Zaid said the programme would help students be more independent in all aspects, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To build mental strength, students need to know their ability level and the existing supporters around them," he said.

Bachelor of Medicine and Health Sciences student, Madeline Kueh Shuen Hui, said the programme allowed her to prepare for graduation in the future.


“As students, we need to be proactive and have high confidence to face challenges, especially in finding a career. Communication skills are important to be applied as well,” she said. - UPM