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Gerak Ilmu GenPhys 21/25 boosts spirit of new students

SERDANG, Oct 31 – The Physics Student Club (KMF), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), in collaboration with the Student Association of Faculty of Science, UPM, has organised the Gerak Ilmu “GenPhys 21/25” programme online with 82 new first-year students, senior students and lecturers from the Department of Physics.

The programme aimed to strengthen the relationship between new students and staff of the Department of Physics and prepare students of the department for their studies in UPM.

Head of the Department of Physics, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suriati Paiman, gave motivational words and encouragement to students while officiating the programme.

Programme advisor, who is also the KMF Advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Wing Fen, said this is the second time such a programme was conducted online, and it was well implemented by the KMF Committee Members.

Programme director, Muhammad Fauzi Md Hairi, said the programme boosted Year 1 students’ spirit to start their studies.

“This booster is necessary to ensure that the new students are always ready and give their best academically while participating in programmes organised in UPM,” he said.

Some of the slots in the programme included “Plan Your Future”, “Experiential Alumni 3.0”, “Accelerace”, “The Magic of Physics” and “I Can See Your Wave 4.0”.

Lecturers from the Department of Physics, Dr. Nurul Huda Osman and Dr. Mazliana Ahmad Kamarudin, were the panel members for the ‘’Plan Your Future’’ slot. They shared experiences and advice and briefed students on the curriculum. 

Six alumni from the Department of Physics, namely Rifa’ie Al-Aziz, Mohd Naqiudin Che Ibrahim, Asraf Mustaqim Amran, Mohd Fazli Abd Kuddus, Abdul Kalam Salehan and Muhammad Asnawi Mohd Kusaimi, made up the panel for the Experiential Alumni 3.0 slot. They shared experiences, inspired and motivated the students.

Meanwhile, the “Accelerace” slot conducted in groups required students to complete a challenge. It aimed to foster a spirit of cooperation among students of the Department of Physics despite hailing from various programmes. It also established communication amongst them, although just virtually. 

A special appearance made by the Magic Professor, Prof. Dr. Sidek Hj Ab Aziz, a former Professor from the Department of Physics, brought happiness to the Gerak Ilmu programme. He mesmerised the students with his magic show. The sharing sessions and show evoked excitement in students towards the science of physics used and applied in magic.     

The “I Can See Your Wave 4.0” slot was adapted from a popular reality TV show. It was telecasted live on the “Kelab Mahasiswa Fizik UPM” Facebook page and watched by people in the country.

A first-year student of Bachelor of Science in Physics with Education (Hons), Muhammad Shah Rizal Abdul Manan, said the programme was extremely helpful in getting to know his coursemates in the Department of Physics and students studying other programmes.

Another first-year student of Bachelor of Science in Physics with Education (Hons), Muhammad Amir Zakwan Mohd Zailani, said the programme opened students' minds to be prepared as a UPM student and provided exposure about the Department of Physics to students and parents.- UPM

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