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Gathering of 850 doggies in Dogathon to collect donations for stray animals

By : Noor Eszereen Juferi

Photo by : Norazreen Awang


SERDANG, Feb 19 – Some 850 dogs were gathered in a Dogathon 2017 programme to collect donations which will be used for Spaying or Neutering of Stray Animals (PRO-KASIH) project.

Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Prof. Dr. Mohd Hair Bejo said the programme was started in 1997 as a platform to inculcate awareness among the public on stray or abandoned animals.

“Indirectly, this programme could help enhance awareness among members of the public of the local community to help care for stray or street animals,” he said when launching a Dogathon 2017 programme in Bukit Ekspo, UPM. The programme was organized and initiated by students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.

He also said through such a programme, discussions could be held to find effective ways to overcome the problem of stray animals.

“Dogathon could help spread the message across in terms of the responsibility of pet owners on how to look after and take good care of their pets as well as information on the career of a veterinary,” he said.

Programme Director, Gan Hwee Yee said the programme helped to expose students of UPM’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on preparations that had to be made before they could decide to join the field of veterinary medicine.

“This programme gives students the opportunity to manage and organize the programme based on welfare activities of the society, in addition to promoting the services of UPM’s Hospital of Veterinary,” she said.

Dogathon 2017, themed “The Big 20”, appointed Joanna Joseph and Maggy Wang as ambassadress of Dogathon 2017.

Some of the dog breeds gathered at Dogathon 2017 included German Shepherds, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Malamute, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Corgi, Pittbull, Chow Chow, Shih Zhu, Labrador, Boxer, Pomeranian, Bull Terriers, Terriers and Schnauzer. - UPM

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