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"Funtastic Stem" attracts SEMESTI students' interest in science subjects

SERDANG, August 28 - The My STEM Ambassador Club, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), has organised the ‘Funtastic STEM’ programme virtually with Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan (SEMESTI) students to draw their interests on science subjects.

In collaboration with the SEMESTI Principal, Azmi Jimat, and the SEMESTI Science Committee, the programme was attended by 256 Form One and Two students. It was held in conjunction with the National STEM Month 2021.

The online meeting was a success with the cooperation from UPM My STEM Club president, Muhamad Zulkarnai Hussin, who was also the moderator of the Funtastic STEM programme, and several facilitators from My STEM Ambassador Club members, namely Nor Shahadah Fitrah, Min Qiao, Aqil Irfan, Muhammad Ayyub, Nur'Aliah Hanani, Ros Afrina Syahirah, Zahin Nazrin and Fatini Dayana.

The programme had received positive responses from parents and also students’ involvement despite being conducted virtually.

Funtastic STEM is a programme to cultivate students’ interest in science and mathematics subjects as well as to strengthen students' relationships with the club committee members through several approaches that have been taken.

This programme had also provided an opportunity for students to ask questions and listen to explanations about the majors taken by the facilitators.

The participants could apply the theories they learnt in schools, such as the concepts of buoyancy and water surface tension, by conducting experiments with the facilitators.

Club advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yap Wing Fen, said the programme did not only provide knowledge to students, but it also offered new ideas to parents on interesting and simple activities that can be conducted at home.

"This can offer a new experience by providing a virtual platform to facilitators to share ideas and impart knowledge to the participants," he said.

A Form 2 SEMESTI participant, Muhammad Nabil Mohd Zain, said the programme had provided new information and knowledge, and he hoped the programme could add more impressive information sharing.

Head of the SEMESTI Science Committee, Norazimah Arshad, said she felt happy and excited throughout the programme and hoped such a programme could be continued in the future. - UPM

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