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FSKTM students take a tour on computer-related job activities in Batam

By: Prof. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat

BATAM (Indonesia), Jan 10 – 14 students from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) visited Nongsa Digital Park (NDP), Infinite Studios Batam and Batam State Polytechnic (PoliBatam) here to expose themselves to computer-related job activities.

Also present at the programme were three lecturers from FSKTM, Prof. Dr. Rahmita Wirza O.K. Rahmat, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatimah Khalid and Dr. Siti Khadijah Ali.

A lecturer from the Department of Multimedia, FSKTM, Prof. Rahmita, said the students also watched the filming and animation activities at Infinite Studios and Augmented Reality mobile products at PoliBatam.

"The students also surveyed learning activities involving the animation industry at PoliBatam and had a discussion with PoliBatam's lecturers as well as international liaison staff and lecturers from FSKTM, UPM about future collaborative activities," she said.

She said among the collaborative activities to be held are student exchange which includes mobility and industrial training programmes, research and development cooperation in line with the industry demands of both countries, and admission of PoliBatam lecturers as graduate students at FSKTM, UPM.

The discussion also covered the scope of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two institutions which will be signed after both parties have reached an agreement.

Meanwhile, the Nongsa Digital Park (NDP) is an integrated digital park which provides a space for digital business development and is an ideal site for data centre development.

Located in high topographic area at the east of Batam, NDP offers a safer geographic location for the Data Centre. Supported by the presence of good infrastructure, Batam is considered to have great potential for business activities.

The Infinite Studios Batam is an integrated entertainment media and a creative services company based in Singapore and Batam.

PoliBatam is the only Vocational State University (PTN) in the Batam Free Trade Area and Free Port (KPPBPB-Batam), Riau Islands Province.

With its position in one of the nation's economic growth centres, PoliBatam is located at the forefront and outermost region of the Republic of Indonesia, which borders with the international trade routes with Malaysia and Singapore. - UPM



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